Tuesday, May 14, 2013

(Automatic) Partial Page Rendering across Taskflows

One of the great features of ADF is the easy out-of-the-box support for Partial Page Rendering (PPR) using the partialTriggers, autoSubmit and partialSubmit properties. And when things get a bit more complex there is a very easy API to do it programmatically. But what if

  • you don’t know beforehand what attribute or column will change, or
  • you don’t want to replicate this “Model logic” in the View layer (e.g. because you want to adhere to the Model-View-Controller pattern), or
  • components are scattered across Taskflows (in which case you cannot use the declarative support and the programmatic approach is suddenly very hard)?

Fortunately, ADF has a solution: Automatic Partial Page Rendering (or Auto PPR). If you have used ADF with Business Components, you might have seen or used it already, but it is less obvious that you can also use it with ordinary Beans or Bean DataControls.